red string of fate

Red String of Fate

Years ago I came upon the story of the red string of fate. And lately I’ve been thinking about it. The idea of the red string of fate is that everyone has a red string tied to their ankle or their finger, and those who are destined to meet, or help in some way -their strings are tangled. Thus making it destiny for people to meet in some shape or form.

This got me thinking about strangers you see on the bus, the metro or people you see walking aimlessly through town or the people and things you see on an unexpected trip. Everyday you probably take the same route to and from school, or work. So, you might meet the same people throughout the day who coincidentally have a similar schedule to yours. You don’t know their names, background or where they came from. But you know that at 7 AM they will always get on the same train as you, come through the same doors and stand in the same spot. Then one day you might be late, or you’re forced to take a different route. Then you meet so many other people that you’ll probably never see again. And we all meet because either they also had to change their route or because you took a different route which happened to be theirs. Either way, something caused you to do something differently and by chance met all these different people -making this red string of fate the most beautiful idea to think about. And in my opinion it’s beautiful in two ways: the red string of fate causes you to believe that every single one of ours lives are mapped out from the beginning, or that the world is ruled by chance and a little luck (or bad luck, however you see the situation). And maybe if you look at this idea differently you might think that the world is a little bit of both. No matter if you think that this is because of a higher power or because it’s a chain reaction of events that affected your life and so many others. But either way it causes us all to be connected in some way, some how and some where. Just like in the TV series Touch.

That is why I think life is beautiful. We are all connected by a string or a chain of events. It brings up the idea of destiny, soul mates, best friends and the complexity of life.
And even if you don’t believe in destiny, or you don’t believe in science. When those two topics come together -G-d and the tools of science, they can create something bigger. They can create faith in a time of uncertainty. In a time of need.
In my eyes that’s the beauty of life. Lives that are unknowingly intertwined, events that are unexpected and the friends you make along the way.