Netflix and Princesses

Recently, I’ve been watching quite a bit of Netflix. Not that it’s a bad thing, not at all. In fact it’s quite the opposite! I have discovered hundreds of movies and new TV series that I enjoy -although these new found discoveries might turn out to be a bad discovery once school begins. But hey, it’s summer vacation, right?

Out of all the hundreds of movies and TV shows that Netflix posts online for thousands of it’s subscribers to watch, there is one movie in particular that seems to have taken hold of my inner child and my intrigue –The Princess Diaries. 

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, “Giulia, this movie is terribly old, how could you not have already watched it!” Well my online buddies, that is because I clearly did not have Netflix as a child, only VHS and possibly because I grew up mainly around guys and so I was never really interested in the idea of princesses -only butt kicking super heroes.
Anyways, moving on to my bigger point: I may have become a little obsessed with The Princess Diaries and I have no idea why. It’s just your regular Disney movie -a princess and a happily ever after. But it’s more than that. It’s Anna Hathaway (fair warning: this section of the post may contain spoilers) who discovers that she is a princess and she is totally not cool with that. She’s clumsy and dorky, basically a normal teenager who’s life has been altered forever. And for that reason -Anne Hathaway, or rather “Mia,” is not your regular Disney movie princess. She is hard working, determined and butt kicking. The movie is funny and full of action -and not to mention that Chris Pine plays in the sequel (eeek!).
Maybe this fascination with The Princess Diaries is due to the fact that it was the start of Anne Hathaway’s career, and that whilst she was filming this particular movie she had no idea that in 9 years or so she would have become the most accomplished and world-renowned actress. Therefore the resolution to this issue might simply be that myself, in the present, is looking back at these actors and actresses and knowing that I am fully aware of what their future’s will look like, and they do not. I feel as though I am the Oracle of Delphi, in a sense, not literally…obviously!

Now that I have told my serious thought of the day, I will let your eyes and your reader’s mind go free to do whatever they wish to do next. Probably Netflix. Are my oracular visions correct? Haha!

See you at my next blog posting!



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