Atlantic Porthole

My day started off pretty early. I woke up at 3 AM as the ferry crossing from Newfoundland to Nova Scotia had been rescheduled from 12 PM to 6 AM as to avoid Hurricane Arthur. The sea voyage, which lasted 6 hours, was somewhat rocky but quite ideal and rather grey. Four hours into my trip, the first ray of sun light of the day finally managed to find it’s way through the clouds and onto the ocean’s surface.

While I was sitting at my little porthole, minding my own business and taking pictures of absolutely everything, I suddenly had a thought. The Atlantic ocean is vast, and covers up 20% of the Earth’s surface. Underneath this ship, hundreds of kilometers down, there are schools of fish, pods of whales and many other species of animals. There could even possibly be a giant squid roaming the sea below my feet. And the only thing that separates me from them are the few inches of reinforced metal of the ship’s hull.

The ocean is not my home, but the home of all of those species, and I, at that moment was simply a guest in a 106 million km house. A house which humans have only been able to discover a certain percentage of it and it’s occupants.

And that thought, which in reality only took 10 seconds to form, blew my mind. The fact that this vast ocean can not be called mine, and that in the picture you see here, there are hundreds and maybe thousands of species of animals that I can not see but are still there. And that some of the species have yet to be discovered.

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